Respecting Place: Working Together to Protect Sacred and Cultural Places

Providing opportunities for communities to work together, learn from each other, share ideas, learn about new technologies, and develop support systems to protect sacred and cultural places so that they may nourish and sustain them long into the future.

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Passing below the sacred peak…one must know the language of the land.
One must know the balance of the desert.
One must know how to pray
So that all elements of nature will fall into rhythm.
These are the kinds of prayers that will work.
–Lost Prayers, by Ofelia Zepeda (Tohono O’odham)


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Lannan Foundation
National Park Service
Google Earth

Respecting Place brought together 68 Tribal Nations, Esri, Google Earth, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF), drone and ground penetrating radar experts, tribal panels, and modern day warriors who used the law, technology, political savvy, community pressure and pure grit to protect their places, and won.  Hands-on demonstrations and individual consultations provided tools to even the playing field.

“The best on-point information I have ever received with reference to protecting our places.” — Attendee

“I learned from great examples of community organization and advocacy. It has given me ideas and inspiration for similar efforts at my own tribe and community.” –Attendee

“This conference set up relationships with technical experts and other tribes that will continue to benefit our cultural preservation long after the conference.” –Attendee

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