Multicultural Initiative for Community Advancement


MICA Group connects Tribes and communities with people and resources to achieve their goals.

We empower community voices and support development that promotes equity by bringing together the most experienced, innovative minds from around the world to achieve project success.

“We are beginning to look more and more to our own people, communities, and history for solutions. We have begun to trust our own thinking again.”  – Chief Wilma P. Mankiller, MICA Founder

About Us

The MICA Group partners with indigenous communities, governments, and foundations to build social and economic capital through innovative, culturally appropriate strategies.

Our management team brings experience and accomplishments in project management, community mobilization, educational transformation, cultural revitalization, and economic empowerment. We draw on a deep pool of experts, both indigenous and others, as needed for each project. We bring ideas, contacts, encouragement, and new frameworks along with tools and methodologies that can be leveraged for years to come.  Most of all, we bring an unfailing belief in the strength and resilience of Indigenous peoples and their right to determine how best to nurture their communities.

Our Work

The following projects are examples of work performed by members of MICA Group’s senior management team:

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